Whiffers Scented Study Aid

I was sent the Whiffers Scented Study Aid to try out, then asked to return and do a survey on the product. After reading the way they worked and the testing that had to be done I quickly realized that this was a job for my daughter! So for 3 weeks she got to test the Whiffers.

What is it~~  Whiffers are made by rubberband.com and are designed to instantly boost your recollection of information. Theses study bands are a unique smell based, memory enhancing study aid that is wore around your wrist. Whiffers has 3 different scents, Spearmint, Peppermint & Lavendar.

How They Work~~  You wear the study band while you are studying, then place it back in the bag, when you take your test they say put the study band back on your wrist. When you smell the sent it will help you recall the information you studied while you were wearing the band. Each sent claims to last 100 hours.

FSD Review~~ I got the package of Whiffers apx 3 weeks ago. I could smell them through the package, and was even told by the post office worker “whatever freebie you got there sure smells good” so I was excited to get home and open them up. When I opened them up I got 3 bags with 1 of each scent. My initial reaction when I saw the band up close was  how big it was, it did not have the rubber wrist band feel as most other wrist bands, the wiffer was firm and not as comfortable as I was hoping. The next morning before I took my daughter to school I let her pick a Study Band to wear, I again was a little dispointed with the fit

as you can see it was firm and did not really fit her wrist well, but she was still excited to wear it and see if it made her “smarter” , (how do you make a straighter A student smarter?) LoL …my daughter was a trooper and wore two different bands for 2 weeks M-F. She put it on while studying for her spelling and while reading a book for a upcoming book report, she says the smell kept her wanting to smell her arm over and over again, when her spelling test came around she wore it again and she did get 100% on her test  both weeks in a row. When she wrote her book report I must say it was detailed more than usual and that is something that stood out to me, that mabey she did have a better memory of the book she read while wearing the Study Band. My opinon  would be that the Wiffers are a great idea and product if they can make them a little more comfortable for people , mostly thinking of kids, mabey they should come in a variety of sizes.. But I would use them again and I know my daughter wants too already!  Hope to see them out on the market soon, and thank Rubberband.com for giving FSD the chance to test and review Whiffers Study Bands 🙂

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