Welcome to one of the fun-est pages FSD has to offer, the IWG Page!  IWG stands for “Instant Win Game”   Here you will find links to  games that are around the web that offer prizes for entering!  


Tip #1, play every day! The more you play the better chances you have of winning a prize!

Tip #2, if a game needs a code check in the “official rules” for that game, usually there is a Free code listed in that area!

Tip #3, set a email up just for IWG’s it might help sort out the winning emails 🙂  So have fun, Good luck to all FSD friends & if you do win come let us know we love to hear from friends!


If you know of a IWG or Sweeps that is not on the list,  please email or message me with the link, I will be sure t add it! If you win a prize, snap a screenshot and send me the shot either by FB message or email at so I can add it to the winners page and slideshow!  Good luck FSD friends, there are tons of prizes to be won! 


  1. Universal ~ 1/17/18 
  2. Dos Equis #2 ~ 1/11/18 
  3. O’Reilly ~ 1/30/18 
  4. Kool ~ 1/31/18
  5. Litter Genie ~ 2/28/18 
  6. Butterfinger ~ 3/1/18
  7. Nathan’s ~ 3/31/18
  8. Jack Links ~ 3/31/18
  9. Michelobe ~ 4/30/18
  10. Mederma ~ 5/5/18
  11. Sprite ~ 12/31/18


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful IWG i have won lots of stuff over the years including a NYC trip from FIGI water!!

  2. Thanks I won from the Camel snap shot a cahrett Bag, I won from Universal a $25 Dave and Buster gift card and from Skoal I won a whiskey chill glass and also one a free juice Thanks for posting these I do them everyday faithfully until I get a win.I hope one day I hit a grand prize. This is for real people you just have to do it every day different times of the day

I love to hear from FSD Friends :)